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:30 Second Commercials

100 Plays Per Month

3 Month Commitment

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:30 Second Commercials

100 Plays Per Month

12 Month Commitment

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:30 Second Commercials

100 Plays Per Month

6 Month Commitment

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$2.47 per commercial

$2.08 per commercial

$1.85 per commercial


Online radio

Radio is still the number one ranked mass medium, and is capable of easily driving your brand's message to many people everyday.

In 2021, 62% of the U.S. population listened to online radio, this number has grown from just 12% in 2007.

Customers Care

Listeners value radio for news, entertainment, and companionship.


Radio delivers consumers who are engaged and passionate about live and local content creation.

77% of listeners state that they would try a brand based on the recommendation of their favorite radio personality.

Time is money

Shorter commercials keep the attention and engagement of the listener. In turn, the message is focused, direct, and to the point - less fluff!

Attention Span in 2000:

12 Seconds

Attention Span in 2023:

8 Seconds

Attention Span of a Goldfish: 9 Seconds


A listener must be exposed to enough repetition of the advertising message (within a small enough window of time) to have ad-recall, and to progress through the following steps:

1x - Awareness

2x - Interest

3x - Desire

4x - Action

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